Erin Pittman leverages over 15 years of staffing and recruiting expertise in her dual roles as Partner Consultant at Leap and Product Advisor to Staffing Engine. With a keen understanding of the staffing technology landscape, she has spearheaded products and strategies to optimize operations. Erin's multifaceted career, spanning front, middle and back-office systems, gives her invaluable perspective on streamlining the staffing workflow. As a result, she has established a reputation for boosting efficiency through technology innovation.

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A staffing industry powerhouse. Workforce technology whiz. Change management mastermind. Fierce female leader champion. Professional storyteller. Lauren Jones is all of these things as well as the founder and CEO of LEAP Consulting Solutions. After decades as an innovator and influencer in the staffing industry, Lauren founded LEAP to make recruiting companies more efficient, more successful, and more human. How? By helping firms define and understand their technology needs, embrace change, and ensure adoption of a firms largest investment. 

Maddie walker

Maddie Walker wields business magic as Leap's workflow wizard. With keen expertise in Lucid, she expertly unravels knotted processes, transforming them into optimized operations. Drawing on her diverse background in EOR, staffing, and recruiting, Maddie re-engineers tangled workflows into streamlined success. Her analytical abilities and passion for progress empower organizations to gain efficiency. At Leap, Maddie visualizes then actualizes improved workflows, driving our mission to smooth recruiting and staffing. Her optimization sorcery makes once complex operations efficient and effortless.

With decades of mastery organizing enterprises large and small, Peter charts the course to success as Leap's Project Director. An entrepreneurial leader who melds focus with flair, he expertly coordinates efforts to deliver for clients on time and on budget. Whether overseeing log mansion construction in Park City or guiding an 18 million dollar restoration company, Peter has honed the art of keeping complex projects smoothly on track. At Leap, he draws on his seasoned expertise to orchestrate seamless implementations that transform organizations. Peter is the steady hand at the helm steering clients through change to achieve their goals.

Peter b. jones


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