Leap builds best-in-class tech stacks tailored to your unique needs, not vendor allegiances. We first define your desired outcomes, then architect solutions leveraging the optimal technologies. With an agnostic perspective, we focus solely on your goals to configure the ideal stack. Avoiding hype, we help you buy intelligently to execute what matters most. At Leap, we believe technology should power your brand, culture and mission. We cut through the noise to sharpen your competitive edge with smart tech investments. Partnering with us means a neutral advocate who equips you with an industry-leading stack to fulfill your vision.


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Technology is only part of the transformation equation. The real magic happens when people embrace change. At Leap, we make change exciting, not arduous. Our flexible change management aligns new tech capabilities with improved workflows for a frictionless transition.

First, we map your existing processes and identify opportunities. Then, we configure your new tools to support your outcomes and business goals. Change is tailored for organizations of all sizes through personalized communication plans, specialized training, and hands-on guidance.

We utilize proven techniques like incentives, competitions, and celebrations to get your team motivated and engaged. It's consumer marketing applied internally! We ease technology adoption by making users active participants. Our consultants become trusted partners throughout, ensuring everyone is onboard each step of the way.

With Leap, change is energizing, not exhausting. We turn implementation into an engaging journey of continuous improvement. Our human-centered approach means people power your tech to drive success.

At Leap, we take training to the next level to accelerate your tech ROI. How? With hands-on, tailored learning that drives results.

We build customized courses using YOUR actual tools, tailored to YOUR unique configuration. Your team learns their way around your optimized environment to maximize productivity.

Coaching focuses on the metrics and KPIs that matter most to your business. We ensure users understand how to leverage the technology to hit key targets. Adoption reinforces workflows that directly impact your bottom line.

With Leap guiding learning, change is energizing, not exhausting. We don't stop until tech habits drive ROI. Our immersive approach means you realize returns faster through:

  • Personalized learning paths
  • Reinforcing workflows tied to KPIs
  • Ongoing support translating tech skills into wins

Ready to recoup your investment rapidly? Leap's bespoke training and adoption will have your tools generating value from day one. We craft engaging experiences so technology finally accomplishes what it promised – tangible ROI.

adoption to maximize your investment

Return on Invesment

Bespoke Training


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Let's make technology headaches a thing of the past! At Leap, our first-class team is revved up and ready to revolutionize your agency. With proven strategies to optimize your stack, streamline workflows and supercharge adoption, we've got the expertise to take your operations to the next level. Tired of feeling overwhelmed by endless tools and disjointed systems? We're here to finally help you realize the promise of technology - increased efficiency, amplified reach and next-gen experiences. What are we waiting for? Let's chat and start mapping out your tech transformation today! With Leap as your guide, you'll be leveraging an optimized toolkit in no time. The future of seamless, stress-free recruiting tech is now - let's make it happen


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"Leap Consulting was instrumental in the success of our Bullhorn Go live...they made training fun, interactive, and removed the fear of change for our teams!"

What Clients are Saying

"Lauren and Erin are so fun to work with! They make a big digital transformation project seem like a not so daunting project - AND they are good at what they do!" 


 “Thank you for encouraging me to be curious, to ask questions, and to collaborate. I would not be where I am today without your support.” 

Change is hard!

allison brackett - firefly creative co.

Salo Soars!

Too many words describe how impactful, important, and inspiring @Lauren Jones has been to me personally and in our partnership while driving key initiatives at Salo. Over the last year Lauren has been an important advisor and partner as we’ve introduced new technology to grow and scale our business. Her approach to ensuring best in class experiences that create meaningful relationships was exactly what I was looking for in a partner. If you’re looking for help in scaling your staffing business, automating business processes, or leveraging emerging technology, make your first decision to reach out to Lauren and start a conversation! Thank you Lauren!!

Frequently Asked Questions

At Leap, we move quickly to transform your operation. For most optimization or full front to back digital transformation projects, expect 6-12 weeks from kickoff to launch. The timeline varies based on your organization's size and complexity. We'll collaborate to define an expedited yet achievable schedule upfront. Throughout our engagement, we utilize clear project management tools to align on status and next steps. You'll have full visibility into progress every step of the way. Our priority is implementing the ideal tech suite ASAP while ensuring adoption and ROI. With Leap's focus on speed, you'll be leveraging your new streamlined stack before you know it! Our intensive process translates to rapid results - empowering you to hit the ground running. Let's get started on powering up your tech.

how long does it take? 

Great question!  For Leap to work its optimization magic, we need full commitment from you during our sprint together. To move quickly and configure the ideal tech stack, we'll need transparency, access to your experts, and active participation. Change requires focus - for a short period, we'll need you all in to align on goals, evaluate workflows, and implement solutions. With your engagement, our intensity translates to expedited results: the right tools intricately tailored to your needs, designed to drive outcomes. Our shared focus lays the groundwork for continued success after launch. So be ready to collaborate when you partner with Leap! Our priority is helping you hit the ground running with a perfectly customized tech toolkit - we just can't do it alone.

what will you need from me? 

No project starts without a crystal-clear roadmap. We understand that in consulting, success hinges on shared alignment. That's why, before we set a single foot in the door, we'll map out your desired outcomes with laser precision. Forget cookie-cutter packages – each custom engagement starts with a deep dive into your unique needs and goals. Together, we'll meticulously define the deliverables, milestones, and metrics that will measure your progress. This transparency ensures you know exactly what to expect at every turn – no surprises, just steady strides towards your defined goals. Decades of experience have taught us that clear expectations coupled with open communication throughout the process pave the way for unmatched satisfaction.

what do I get? 

At Leap, we believe expertise shouldn't come at a cost that cripples your potential. Sure, we have some of the industry's sharpest minds on our team, but we're not here to break the bank. We're not the priciest consultants, nor are we cut-rate – we believe in fair, value-driven partnerships that fuel your success.

Think of it as an investment in your future. Our consultants aren't just hired guns; they're strategic partners with a vested interest in seeing you soar. We'll tailor a solution that leverages our expertise to fit your specific needs and budget, without compromising on quality.

So, cost never needs to be the hurdle that holds you back. Let's have a conversation! We're always up for a brainstorming session, and we're confident that together, we can unlock the potential your business has been waiting for.

Remember, with Leap, it's not about price; it's about igniting your growth story.

how much will it cost? 


Power your agency with technology, business process, and adoption tools that scale. Technology and how you use it can be a powerful differentiator between you and your competitor. Schedule your free consultation with one of our experts!

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