• The basics of AI and its applications in staffing and recruiting 
  • How to implement AI solutions to streamline your workflows 
  • Hands-on experience with popular AI tools like Gemini, Claude, Perplexity, and ChatGPT 

empower your teams to understand and leverage these amazing tools!

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lauren B. Jones

"AI is the great equalizer, leveling the playing field by giving everyone access to the same advanced tools and opportunities, regardless of size or resources. Now you need to teach them how to use it responsibly."

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Join our live AI training and gain access to over 200 industry-specific prompts, post-training support, and a prompt composition cheat sheet. Elevate your staffing and recruiting strategies with hands-on learning from industry experts. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your career!


Hi! I'm Lauren B. Jones, your staffing and recruiting technology expert passionate about supporting your growth.

Meet Your Expert

Staffing industry powerhouse. Workforce technology whiz. Change management mastermind. Fierce female leader champion. Professional storyteller.
Lauren Jones is all of these and more. Founder and President of Leap Advisory Partners, Lauren has led Leap to triple-digit growth and a merger with industry leader Newbury Partners. "We're thrilled to join forces with Newbury Partners to help our staffing customers reach greater heights of success," said Lauren.

After decades as an innovator in staffing, Lauren founded LEAP to make recruiting more efficient, successful, and human. How? By helping firms define their tech needs, embrace change, and optimize investments.

Lauren is a powerful voice on staffing, technology, and women’s leadership. Her first book, "Together We Rise," is a testament to women's empowerment. A sought-after speaker at top industry events, Lauren is also a podcast regular, including on Settle Smarter and You Own the Experience.

A career highlight is receiving the ASA Care Award for connecting veterans with work. Lauren is recognized as one of LinkedIn’s Inspiring Women and a top staffing influencer.

Endlessly curious and committed to helping others, Lauren is a community activist and road racing enthusiast. She lives on a farm in Elk Grove, CA, with her husband, Peter. Contact her at lauren@leapconsultingsolutions.com for speaking engagements, recruiting tech stacks, empowering women, or even racing cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

We try and build this for you and how your teams learn. Typically we do either 2, 45 minute sessions or 1, 90 minute session. We find this nets us the best retention of all of the material. 

how long is the training?

This training is for you. These are interactive sessions focused on helping your teams walk away with the fundamentals they need to be effective and efficient leveraging AI. 


Yes! We are lucky to be a tech enabled firm. We leverage the power of Gong to record, transcribe, outline, and summarize your entire training. We give you immediate access upon completion of the sessions!

will i get the recordings?

We work tirelessly to ensure we can add you to our training calendar at your soonest opportunity. We do however, recommend you circulate this for at least 2 weeks to get the best attendance. This also supports our needed lead time.

How quickly can you get us scheduled?


Ai can simplify your day!

"Lauren explained the topic clearly and kept me engaged the whole time. I have heard of AI but I have no knowledge of the different AI tools and in what capacity to use them. I tried a few but Gemini so far is my favorite. AI in the staffing world can simplify one’s day." 

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You have opened my eyes!

 “I am committed to using my AI skills to make a positive impact on the world. Thank you for teaching me how! But seriously, you have opened my eye's to what AI can do, I heard of it but never used it till now. Now i use it all the time, so thank you.” -


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